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ZK: Wolves - Snow In The Mountains by NekoHimeAnny ZK: Wolves - Snow In The Mountains :iconnekohimeanny:NekoHimeAnny 1 2 In my dreams by NekoHimeAnny In my dreams :iconnekohimeanny:NekoHimeAnny 1 0 Mr Tumnus by NekoHimeAnny Mr Tumnus :iconnekohimeanny:NekoHimeAnny 1 0
LLS: Snow
When she woke up, the air was chilly. Sleepily she rubbed her eyes and blinked in the morning light. As her vision sharpened, she could see something white falling through the window. Snow.
Snow! At once she was wide awake, a bright smile lighting up her face. SNOW!
Quickly she scrambled out of bed and ran unto the balcony. The snow felt cold and soft under her bare feet. Amazed she stared at the silently falling white flakes. A giggle rose in her chest and suddenly she squealed, threw her arms up in the air and did a little dance, laughing. Then she dashed back into the room and jumped unto Loki's bed, shaking the sleeping man to wake him up.
"Snow!" she exclaimed, excited.
But Loki only grumbled and pulled his pillow up over his head. "Lemme sleeeeep..."
Yet the girl's joy couldn't be deadened. She hopped down from the bed and ran back outside, taking a deep breath and laughed anew. Then an idea popped up in her mind and a mischievous smile settled on her face as she looked back into
:iconnekohimeanny:NekoHimeAnny 0 2
ZK: Matt - despair by NekoHimeAnny ZK: Matt - despair :iconnekohimeanny:NekoHimeAnny 0 0 Happy New Year! by NekoHimeAnny Happy New Year! :iconnekohimeanny:NekoHimeAnny 5 4 In my dreams WIP2 by NekoHimeAnny In my dreams WIP2 :iconnekohimeanny:NekoHimeAnny 1 0 In my dreams WIP1 by NekoHimeAnny In my dreams WIP1 :iconnekohimeanny:NekoHimeAnny 1 0 Jahreslosung 2017 by NekoHimeAnny Jahreslosung 2017 :iconnekohimeanny:NekoHimeAnny 5 2
Mixedblood - Chapter 7
Breaking up
When they reached Malithrá's home, her mother was just returning from her grocery shopping. In the dim light of the street lantern Malithrá could see her features. She was crying.
The woman looked up and gasped, eyes widened by surprise.
“Lithrá! Eru be praised... is that really you, dear?!”
She dropped her basket and ran towards the girl who freed herself from Fíli's supportive arm and took some careful steps alone before she met her mother and got pulled into a tight hug. Èthra laughed while tears ran down her cheeks, being too relieved to notice the two figures in the shade. Her daughter was back! She only let go when the girl protested slightly. “Mother... mother, you're hurting me...”
“Oh my, I'm sorry, dear! What happened to you? Where have you been? I've been sick with sorrow, finding your bed empty and no sign of where you had gone to left.” She paused and looked Malithrá over. &
:iconnekohimeanny:NekoHimeAnny 0 8
Mixedblood - Chapter 6
Back at the inn, Fíli started packing their bags while Kíli checked on Malithrá's injuries. Everyone kept silent, either from shock or anger.
“What did he want from you?” Kíli asked after a while. He was glad to find the girl's side-wound to be rather unharmed.
“My mother's whereabouts.” Malithrá had been crying silently from the moment they had left the storehouse.
“But you didn't tell him?”
“What now?”
“... I've got to warn her.”
Fíli had finished packing up and came over. “We'll leave the town heading south. Then we're turning back towards Orcfeste once we're out of sight – on the other side of the river.” He looked at the girl sternly. “Do you think you can walk a bit?”
Malithrá glanced in direction of her feet. “I don't know. But my legs seem able to carry me again for a while. Though I don't know for how long let alone how fas
:iconnekohimeanny:NekoHimeAnny 1 2
Loki - Happy Moment by NekoHimeAnny Loki - Happy Moment :iconnekohimeanny:NekoHimeAnny 1 0
Mixedblood - Chapter 5
The past catching up
Malithrá fell silent for a while. But just as Kíli thought there wouldn't be any explanation, the girl's quiet voice reached his ear.
“I'm … afraid of dwarves in general...”
Baffled he looked up. “What?” “OU!” “Oh, sorry!” Quickly he withdrew the wet towel he had apparently pressed at the girl's side a little too strongly. Then he sent her a puzzled glance before resuming his work.
“You're afraid of dwarves... in general?” Fíli asked from the other side of the room.
The girl nodded. “Well, you couldn't imagine better company then...” he sighed. “Can't change what we are.”
“But why? Did any of our kin do you any harm?” Kíli asked.
“You... could say so...”, Malithrá mumbled. She wasn't very keen on telling the details. The brothers exchanged glances and Fíli spoke up. “That's unfortunate. But only because you had bad ex
:iconnekohimeanny:NekoHimeAnny 0 4
Mixedblood - Chapter 4
Dark shadows rushing back and forth. She couldn't focus. Deep voices, glowing eyes. They were everywhere. Greed and violence filled the air. Laughter echoed from invisible walls. And pain. Laughter and pain. Again and again they came. Please stop! Please stop hurting me! It hurts... it hurts!
With a cry the girl woke from her nightmare. Her body ached, her head was spinning. It was them. It was them again! They had almost...
A dark figure loomed over her.
The girl screamed in panic. “NO! Get away!! GET AWAY!!”
She tried to move and pain shot up her side.
Big hands tried to get hold of her but she pushed her assaulter against the chest as hard as she could.
She could hear the impact leaving the creature out of breath for a moment. Quickly she scrambled out of bed and aimed for the door. Hitting the floor as her feet gave in. Getting up again. It hurt so much!
Someone grabbed her shoulder and she spun around to free
:iconnekohimeanny:NekoHimeAnny 0 6
Present: Cardmaster Ray - back light white by NekoHimeAnny Present: Cardmaster Ray - back light white :iconnekohimeanny:NekoHimeAnny 2 4 Present: Cardmaster Ray - back light by NekoHimeAnny Present: Cardmaster Ray - back light :iconnekohimeanny:NekoHimeAnny 1 6

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I've been drawing ever since I could hold a pen and making up stories ever since I can remember. With Writing, Acting and Music those are the creative things I love doing :heart:
Hi everyone~ :wave:

Before I get down to doing it I wanted to inform you: I will do some cleaning in my gallery on dA.
Means, I'll remove written stuff and pictures that I don't want to be displayed online under my name. Some make me feel uncomfortable by now - times change and I need to move on. This will mainly include (bleach) fanart/fanfiction. So if you can't find a faved deviation in a few weeks you'll know why.
But since some of these deviations have many comments and seem to be liked, I think it's fair to inform you before I remove them. :)

God bless you :heart:
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